Cellnex is a company in constant growth and requires a solid tool for management and internal communication, which responds to the changing needs of the company and contributes to the standardization of processes throughout the different sites at international level.

Project carried out in collaboration with the communication agency La Chincheta.


Improve the usability of the intranet to facilitate the exchange of information between the company and its more than 1,500 employees in 12 countries. 

How we did it

This project required a very extensive first phase of analysis. Before implementing any change we had to make a detailed study of the content structure, the different user profiles, the applications integrated in the intranet (job offers, payroll consultation, vacation requests…), the segmentations according to business units and finally the possibilities of the implemented system, Sharepoint.

This process concluded with a first internal audit document that highlighted the shortcomings and opportunities for improvement for each of the elements of the intranet: pages and content structure, iconography, presentation of news…

Based on this analysis, we designed a new interface that solved all the problems detected, while adjusting to the possibilities of the system. 

The new design generated a significant improvement in terms of site usability and content reading, all from UI/UX principles. 

In a second phase of the project, we also intervened in the back office of the content manager to bring these same improvements to both local and international team administrators.


The management of the project involved at all times the intervention of different actors that we had to coordinate and consider both in the analysis and design stages.

The technological challenge in this case was to design considering the structural limitations of Sharepoint and the diversity of uses of the intranet. We had to stick to the platform at all times and exploit its possibilities to the maximum in order to implement effective responses.