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Digital transformation

digital Business and e-commerce


We guide you through the digital transformation process and in defining your business plan, applying our experience and strategic vision to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet.

Our mission is to help you meet the challenges posed by the online world with a critical outlook in line with your business needs and objectives.

Action plan design and implementation

We prepare a detailed action plan to facilitate your transition to the digital environment and we accompany your organisation throughout every phase of its implementation.

Trend studies and team training

Our strategic focus is based on the exhaustive analysis of information about your business and sector. We study the latest trends and tailor training plans to the needs of your team.

Members of the LaMagnética team have taught classes at numerous universities, companies and institutions, mainly in the culture and tourism industry.

Strategic management, innovation and the digital business plan

We study your market, environment and competition in order to prepare your digital business plan: value proposition, client or consumer relationship model, redefinition of the management model, redesign of processes (customer service, sales, etc.), and definition of performance measurement tools.

Digital marketing plan

We design your digital marketing plan to suit your budget, objectives and target. We select the most effective strategy for your business, choosing the channels through which our tactics are to be implemented in accordance with your objectives, resources and time constraints.

We use measurement tools and dashboards to clearly view the data and evaluate the success of the strategy.