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Web analytics & strategy

digital marketing strategy based on data analysis


Good strategies are not only based on the exhaustive analysis of relevant information, but also have quantifiable objectives and a measurement plan that is oriented to decision-making.

Before designing the strategy, we identify and analyse multiple data sources. The objective is to predict and optimise the results of your project or business.


Measurement plan definition

We design a measurement plan based on the analysis of data from a variety of sources and the established strategy. We set specific objectives, define key performance indicators (KPIs) and the key metrics of your business and we use the right tools to collect data from various sources to allow us to measure the effects of our actions.


Dashboards by objective and team

We help you view the data and we design reports and create strategic dashboards to help you make business decisions. We also provide technical support on the use of tools to collect key data.

Google Analytics, Search Console, Google AdWords, social media, SimilarWeb, SEMrush, HubSpot and CRM.

Internal and competition diagnoses

We analyse a variety of data sources to examine your web traffic and the results of your social media and other digital marketing actions. We detect areas of improvement and design strategies to increase sales, leads or traffic.

We perform detailed analyses of your competition’s digital presence and conduct comparative sector studies to detect opportunities and areas where improvements can be made.