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Digital marketing: Outbound & Inbound Marketing

SEO, SEM, social ads, editorial plan and content creation


We combine traditional marketing campaigns with inbound marketing strategies (SEO, SEM, blogging, social media, etc.). Inbound marketing is a non-intrusive methodology whose aim is to enter into contact with a client at the start of the purchasing process and then accompany that client, with appropriate content, in each one of the stages of maturation through to the final transaction. This allows us to maximise the number of points of contact with the brand.

With inbound methodology we are better equipped to understand your business and your clients and, as a result, we can more efficiently direct your value proposition. Not only is the cost of acquiring new clients lower than with traditional marketing approaches, but brand building also benefits substantially from this method.

Inbound strategy, editorial plan and content drafting

We design specific inbound marketing campaigns and we accompany you in every phase of the strategy: definition of the buyer, channel selection, design of the editorial plan, content creation, dissemination and analysis of results. In addition to the implementation of your inbound strategy, we can also handle your editorial planning and the drafting of your corporate content for a variety of channels.

SEM and social ads campaigns

We develop campaigns in AdWords and on social media, and we design remarketing and custom-audience strategies. We launch niche campaigns and courses of action specifically oriented to conversion.

We can work in several languages and through various channels. Our capture team is supported by analysts who are trained to optimise each campaign and improve its ROI.

We work with Google, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Criteo and other CPC, CPM, CPA and CPL platforms.

SEO strategy

We are specialists in technical and content SEO. We develop search engine positioning projects for websites with extensive content and ambitious local, national and international traffic objectives. We construct mathematical models of the structures of websites and undertake far-reaching empirical studies to analyse the actual impact of each individual factor on SEO.

Social media strategy

We analyse the reach of your social media, your reputation and positioning, and we design social media plans with the aim of converting engagement and interaction into returns for your business or brand.