we like what we do and we do it well

LaMagnética may consist of only a few parts, but together they form a well-oiled machine.

We are a team of digital marketing and digital analytics specialists who work closely together to grant maximum value to our projects. Our focus is the client, with whom we work as partners to provide the best solutions for the various areas of their business.

Degree in Philosophy and Mathematics, he worked as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Barcelona. In 2000, he started to work as a strategic consultant on digital projects and, in 2009, he co-founded LaMagnética, where he leads the projects that involve digital strategy, SEO, SNA and web analytics.

Alex Espinós

Co-founder -CEO

Master’s degree in Marketing Management (ESIC) and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She has more than ten years of working experience in consulting and strategic marketing. As the co-founder of LaMagnética, she leads projects that involve digital marketing, new Internet business models and SEM.

Silvia Trillo

Co-founder – CMO

Master in Cultural Project Management at the Universitat de Barcelona and Bachelor in Industrial Design. She is responsible for managing web projects, from conceptualization, through UI/UX design, production and launch. She also gives support in the general management of the team.

Juliana Maruri

Creative Design Manager

Business Management and Administration, completing Bachelor degree studies at UOC. Collaborates with management in administration of the company.

Juan Mateo

Admin & Office Manager

Master in Digital Marketing at IM Digital Business School and Bachelor in Social Communication, mention in Advertising Communications from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. She is in charge for SEM and Social Ads campaigns.

Verónica Zapata


Double degree in Business and Marketing at TecnoCampus (UPF). He conceptualizes and manages marketing strategies. Also, helps on creating marketing plans, setting our clients’ marketing message and identifying the marketing mix suitable for every goal. Moreover, he directs some R&D projects at LaMagnética.

Víctor Domínguez

Marketing Consultant

Graduated in Architecture at Universidade da Coruña. He has more than 6 years of experience in the creation and growth of e-commerces and other digital businesses. He is responsible for the strategy, coordination, management and implementation of the tasks carried out for clients and for assisting in the commercial strategy of LaMagnética.

Darío Pereiro

Marketing Consultant

Postgraduate in Art Direction at Elisava and graduate in Audiovisual Communication at Universitat de Barcelona. She is in change of conceptualization and design of graphic pieces for advertising campaigns and social media.

Núria Barba

Art Direction & Design

Currently studying the Master in Statistics and Operations Research at the UPC and UB with the intensification of Data Science. Graduated in Data Analytics and Mathematics at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. His tasks are the extraction and processing of data, working with tools such as PowerBI, BigQuery, DataStudio and Google Analytics, among others.

Adrián Romero

Data Analyst

Currently studying the Master in Statistics and Operations Research at the UPC and UB with the intensification of Data Science. Graduated in Mathematics from the University of Santiago de Compostela. In her day to day she works in data analysis with tools such as Excel, PowerBI and DataStudio among others.

Elena Blanco

Data Analyst

Master in Community Management and Social Media Strategist at ESNECA Business School. Advanced course in Revenue Management and Tourism Marketing (ESAH) and training at the Copywriting School. He helps in the area of ​​production and management of social media projects. In addition to Community Manager tasks, he supports the content department and SEO team.

Alberto Gisbert

Community Manager

Master in Strategic Management of Marketing, Sales and Sustainability (IL3 UB) and graduate in Business Engineering from the Paraguayan-German University. She assists SEM and Social Ads campaigns and is in charge of market analysis.

Maria Sol Flecha


Graduated as a senior Techinician in Marketing and Advertising at ECAIB, she performs support tasks in the area of ​​marketing, design, project production and content creation for the web and social networks.

Jael Villavicencio

Content & Social Media

Master in Traffic Marketing: SEO, SEM, Attraction and content from IEBS Business School. Graduate in Marketing and Digital Communications at Tecnocampus Mataró (UPF). He is responsible for the analysis of the SEO situation of companies, as well as the planning and execution of the SEO content.

Marc Corbalan


Studying a degree in Data Analytics and Mathematics at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Working in the analytics department, extracting and processing data, working with tools such as PowerBI, DataStudio y Google Analytics, among others.

Toni Burón

Data Analyst

Currently studying a degree in Mathematics at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Average degree in Music, specializing in violin and piano, both at the Barcelona Municipal Music Conservatory. Working on data analysis with tools such as Excel, PowerBI, BigQuery y Google Analytics among others.

Joana Roura

Data Analyst

Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing at ESIC and graduated in International Business Administration at the University of Deusto San Sebastián. Assists in SEM and Social Ads campaigns and supporting market analysis.

Cecilia Arana Jauregui

SEM and Social Ads

Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations at the Universidad de Barcelona. Studying a Master’s Degree in Interaction Design and User Experience at the UOC. He is currently working on web conceptualization, usability analysis and UX/UI projects.

Fabio Castellano

UX / UI Designer

Currently studying an Online Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing at The Power Business School. Graduated in Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing from the London Metropolitan University. Providing support in defining the communication strategies, content and network strategies, market analysis and in the creation of content for the web and social media networks.

Miren González

Content and Social Media

Studying a Master’s Degree in Online Marketing, Advertising and Design at NETT. Graduated in Production of Audiovisual Projects and Shows from CIFP Mendizabala and in Plastic Arts and Design in Advertising Graphics from EASD Josep Serra i Abella. Supporting the development of projects and the creation of multimedia content for campaigns and networks.

Egoitz Obanos