TMB, Barcelona’s metropolitan transport company, put the natural positioning auditing (SEO) of its three leisure transport websites out to tender with the aim of applying the project’s conclusions and requirements in the conceptualisation phase of the three future websites of the services.

In the tender process we submitted an SEO consultancy and auditing proposal that contemplated the following objectives:

  • Design a monitoring report to analyse the SEO results of the sites. This report takes into account various analysis variables: list of keywords and positions by word/URL, qualitative and e-commerce indicators of SEO visits according to type of word (brand and non-brand), comparisons of SEO visits with other web traffic sources, health of the sites (backlinks, broken links, etc.). Analyse and establish which keywords need to be developed in future content.
  • Recommendations to improve current positioning, proposing new keywords and new content areas.
  • Review of the structure of the new sites and improvement recommendations: specific content landing pages, page types and functionalities in accordance with the objectives (informative, sales), structure of URLs, metadata, copies, etc. Optimisation of the navigation structure.
  • Guarantee that the functional elements of the new sites and their design are in line with SEO requirements. Review of the functional elements and of the design in pre-production.
  • Maintain the current organic positioning of the three sites after the website changeover. To this end a redirection strategy was designed to be implemented in the site migration process and recommendations were made in relation to the navigation structure and on-page optimisation.

The result of our work was a practical report written for the developers, designers and content managers of the sites. Dashboards were also delivered to monitor the SEO results.