Barcelona Activa is the local development agency of the Barcelona City Council. It is focused on strengthening entrepreneurial initiatives and business growth in Barcelona. 

Since its creation it has evolved enormously, integrating new lines of activity, tools and projects. This growth required a new website to clearly articulate all these contents, in addition to serving as a distributor to the specific websites of each area. 

The challenge was to create an easy and intuitive navigation, which would invite the user to learn about all the services, areas and options offered by Barcelona Activa. 

To do so, we designed a website that, in addition to clearly presenting the values of Barcelona Activa, clearly distributes the contents based on questions that place the visitor in the corresponding area: Are you looking for a job? Do you have an entrepreneurial idea? Do you want to boost your business? Or are you looking for training?

Once the design project and the layout of the main website of Barcelona Activa was finished, we worked on two other websites. 

For the work website, we designed a landing page that works as a home page while the website is being renewed. This page centralizes and organizes all the information and services of the work website, which were not well represented in the previous home page. In this way we concentrate the essential information on a single page and facilitate navigation to the different contents and services according to the interests and needs of the user.

After the design of the new home page of the work website, which centralizes all the services of the portal, Barcelona Activa commissioned us to develop a similar project for the training area.

A new page was designed and laid out that centralizes all the training services offered by Barcelona Activa and organizes them according to the user’s profile and needs.