To design a new corporate website that would reflect the renewed identity of the company, as well as present the different Stac brands and product families in a cohesive way. 

The design also had to improve navigation and user experience, facilitating interaction with the different contents and especially the use of an ordered catalog of about 10,000 products. 

Another key point to take into account was to improve the SEO positioning of the website. 

How it was done

We approached the project from three different blocks that were developed simultaneously:

  • Web design: We defined a content architecture centralizing the information of all the brands and responding to the communication objectives with the main users. Subsequently, functional wireframes were designed that allowed us to review the usability aspects of each section of the website. These wireframes were dressed in form and color following the new brand design. 
  • Development of the product catalog: the product catalog posed a special challenge, it had to be an updatable catalog, linked to the company’s ERP, which would facilitate the consultation and reading of the nearly 10,000 products stored in the databases of Stac’s 4 brands. Special programming was created to synchronize changes in the ERP with the web and to transform certain ERP variables into a web navigation structure. 
  • We also improved the URL structure of the different navigation levels – families, subfamilies and product sheets. 
  • The improvement of search engine positioning was one of the priority objectives of the website and it has been more than achieved, since the website was published we have multiplied by 7 times the SEO traffic of the same period last year.


One of the main challenges we faced was to integrate the contents of the different brands in a single site that, in addition to transmitting the strength and experience of the company, would allow us to explain the different lines of business.

The catalog, on the other hand, represented a major technical challenge given the volume of products and the integration of the new website with the company’s ERP. This resulted in special programming developments that now allow constant and stable communication between the two spaces. 

The new website also has an intuitive and easy to manage content manager, which gives Stac complete freedom to integrate new content or edit any of the existing ones.