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Facebook app development


Facebook app development

Conceptualization and development of the  Esmío Facebook Game

We developed a tailored puzzle for the Esmío Facebook Page with the objective to increase their community of followers during Christmas. For three weeks, they organized 3 contests of products from the Esmío online store among all the participants who solved the puzzles. Moreover, a free shipping promotional code was sent to all the participants. The code could be used in the purchase of any product of the online store.

During the 3 weeks that the contest took place, the Esmío Facebook Page doubled its number of followers.

The application had an admin that let Esmío edit any aspect of the game:

  • Upload images to create different puzzles.
  • Change the difficulty of the game: changing its limit time or the number of pieces that formed the puzzle.
  • Download the participants’ list.
  • Choose the winner among the participants.
  • Edit content pages: list of winners, legal notice and contest bases.