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Conceptualization, design, technical production and content direction of the blog to introduce the exhibition La Maleta Mexicana, organized by the MNAC together with the ICP (International Center of Photography) of New York. Alex Espinós collaborates as a blogger and content manager.

We offered this project to the MNAC as an action of innovative communication to spread the exhibition. The objective of the blog is to promote the exhibition, at the same time as to build a collaborative cultural project. All the posts will be signed by photographers, history experts, journalists and other professionals, who will also promote the exhibition.

When you use content to spread and communicate on a project –content marketing-, it has many advantages, as well as being part of the communication objectives:

  • SEO positioning and web traffic.
  • Brand impact.
  • Permanence, long term profitability. The exhibition ended on January the 15th, but the blog remained accessible after that date.
  • MNAC as a promoter of online high-quality contents of the photographers and their artwork.
  • Collaborative production and knowledge creation.

Moreover, the blog is a valuable asset of the exhibition and a way to communicate the objectives of the public museum: investigation and promotion of its artwork.

We thank the valuable collaboration of Ernest Alòs (El Periódico), Teresa Ferré (URV), Merche Fernández (Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya), Rafael Levenfeld (University of Navarra), Martí Llorens (Atelier Retaguardia), Ricard Martínez (Arqueologia del Punt de Vista).

The design was made by Bruno Veloso, based on the promotion material of the exhibition made by Avanti-avanti, and Iuttu on the technical production.

You can take a look at the blog here: