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Social Media Plan


Social Media Plan


The Catalan Agency of Tourism (ACT) announced a public tender to award the development of the Social Media Plan 2013-2015.

We won the contest with a project the objective of which was to build a tool of strategic management, design and tracking of the social network promotional activities.

On the plan we highlighted the analysis of the 2.0 strategy of the ACT and adapt it to the Tourist Marketing Plan 2013-2015.

The big challenge of this project was to develop a working guide for the Agency and its 11 Centers of Tourist Promotion (CPTs) abroad. Some of them on countries where the main social networks are very different from the Western ones: China, Russia, South-East of Asia.

We defined a global strategy with a local management: a central management hub, coordination and analysis represented by the Catalunya Experience Managers; with a local promoters (the CPTs), independents on the management of their pages (integrated on a Facebook Global Brand Page) and in the development of campaigns.

On the Social Media Plan we included:

  1. Analysis and evaluation of the B2C online promotion actions between the years 2009-2013. Dashboards, variables of analysis depending on the objectives and targets (nationals, internationals, B2C, B2B).
  2. Analysis, evaluation and proposals of platforms and 2.0 channels. With specific solutions for Russia, China and the South-East of Asia.
  3. Identification of market opportunities through benchmarking and good actions (B2C and B2B) of other destinations. Trend analysis on social media platforms.
  4. Definition of the strategy, objectives, tactics and indicators for social networks focused to professionals, corporations or to the big audience.
  5. Set up the operation for a correct implementation in Barcelona’s main office and in the CPTs abroad.