web development

Costa Brava Tourist Board

Selfie your City

Conceptualization, design and technical development from the mini-site, Selfie your City, an effort by the Patronage of Tourism of Costa Brava Girona in collaboration with regional councils to promote tourism and the municipalities of Girona that will be developing during the last 6 months of 2015. You can try out the site mashup that uses a custom development tool for content management, a public platform for mapping integrated with a Google Maps API and an Instagram API for embedding both public images and labels with the official competition hashtags into Instagram.


El Rincón de las Tablas

Online Store development using Prestashop

El Rincón de las Tablas is an e-commerce project that comes from the passion of its creator for snowboarding, freeski, longboarding, surfing, paddle surfing, kite surfing and motorcycling. The original idea was to start only an online store, but now the project also has a showroom in Sant Cugat. In LaMagnética we handled the project conceptualization, architecture and web development. After a benchmarking where in which we studied various similar projects, we chose to develop the store with Prestashop. The project includes plugins to connect the store with the Amazon marketplace, and the proper configuration to make campaigns with Google Shopping. In El Rincón de las Tablas, you can buy the best models and brands of tables and accessories for lovers of snowboarding, surfing or skating.



Study of the website using Heat Maps to do the redesign

In 2010 we conceptualized, designed and developed the websites of the Grupo Ortodoncis. The development was done using a multisite WordPress with more than 20 templates, plugins and customized developments. The project, which has been growing since then, is one of our success stories: positioning of all the websites (18 clinics) in the first Google Search positions by the most relevant keywords. In many clinics, the website is the first source of new patients. We also do the following and tracking of all the received contacts, mobile version, etc. The design needed an update, and this is why we studied the use of websites using heat maps. From this study comes a redesign proposal aimed to update the look and feel of the site and improve the user experience. We are still working on it.

RS Barcelona

Online store and corporative website

RS Barcelona wanted to sell their products online. We made an e-business consultancy where, among other things, we analyzed the capacity to internationalize their sales. One of their main concerns was the e-commerce website; this is why they asked us to include, within the consultancy, the conceptualization work of the online store: website architecture, business decisions, tool decisions and selection and management of the technical provider. We also made the project management and the quality control of the technical work. The project included some tailored developments like the football configuration and the World Champions hangers, two of the most important RS products. This is a project made in collaboration with Doctor Magenta The result is an on-line store and a new corporate website, developed with Magento technology


Website Ortodoncis Clinics

Development of the Grupo Ortodoncis website and those of the 13 orthodontic clinics that are part of the group. We are in charge of the whole project: conceptualization, design, direction and development. Here you can see the first website developed for Dr Janer: In this link you can find the links to the 13 websites of the clinics: And here, the website of the group: In association with Marc Sardin and Iuttu.  

Costa Brava Tourist Board

Blog Costa Brava

Conceptualization, design and technical development of the blogs of the Girona Costa Brava Pirineu Tourist Board. The project has been active between 2010 and 2012, although you can still visit it on this link. For the content management they had a team of 15 prestigious collaborators of the tourist sector and media publishers from Girona. The editorial was made by Jaume Marín from the board and Eduard Batlle, journalist and coordinator of the El Punt blog section. We worked with a tailored template design on Wordpress that let them manage on a same admin 3 different blogs (in Catalan, Spanish and English), with different contents and collaborators for each language. In collaboration with Bruno Veloso and Iuttu.