web conceptualization

Costa Brava Tourist Board

Selfie your City

Conceptualization, design and technical development from the mini-site, Selfie your City, an effort by the Patronage of Tourism of Costa Brava Girona in collaboration with regional councils to promote tourism and the municipalities of Girona that will be developing during the last 6 months of 2015. You can try out the site mashup that uses a custom development tool for content management, a public platform for mapping integrated with a Google Maps API and an Instagram API for embedding both public images and labels with the official competition hashtags into Instagram.


El Rincón de las Tablas

Online Store development using Prestashop

El Rincón de las Tablas is an e-commerce project that comes from the passion of its creator for snowboarding, freeski, longboarding, surfing, paddle surfing, kite surfing and motorcycling. The original idea was to start only an online store, but now the project also has a showroom in Sant Cugat. In LaMagnética we handled the project conceptualization, architecture and web development. After a benchmarking where in which we studied various similar projects, we chose to develop the store with Prestashop. The project includes plugins to connect the store with the Amazon marketplace, and the proper configuration to make campaigns with Google Shopping. In El Rincón de las Tablas, you can buy the best models and brands of tables and accessories for lovers of snowboarding, surfing or skating.

Ara Lleida

New Webpage Conceptualization

Conceptualization and project management of their new website: The points of departure were the auditing of the website, documents of internal and sectoral analysis, and previous brainstorming sessions. The project of conceptualization included: functional and architectural documents, definition of functionalities, technical and SEO briefing, creative concept, editorial, website exploitation plan and the guidelines to design a website that let them deeply analyze their statistics (analysis of specific sections, visits per language, visibility of the establishments’ profiles and their offers, visits sent to other websites of the sector, etc.). Moreover, we were in charge of designing the web mobility strategy: responsive design, NFC (Near Field Communication), apps; and the technical consultancy to decide the CMS (Content Management System), web migration protocol, database, etc. The result of the project was a group of documents, some of them to draw up the specs and publish the tender to award the project, and some others were a guide for the web managers in order to create new content for the website (which documents had to be written, how to get them ready for the SEO…). Some of the time was also assigned to create manuals so the board and the technical team could make the data extraction of the previous website. We will continue to monitor the