web audit



Study of the website using Heat Maps to do the redesign

In 2010 we conceptualized, designed and developed the websites of the Grupo Ortodoncis. The development was done using a multisite WordPress with more than 20 templates, plugins and customized developments. The project, which has been growing since then, is one of our success stories: positioning of all the websites (18 clinics) in the first Google Search positions by the most relevant keywords. In many clinics, the website is the first source of new patients. We also do the following and tracking of all the received contacts, mobile version, etc. The design needed an update, and this is why we studied the use of websites using heat maps. From this study comes a redesign proposal aimed to update the look and feel of the site and improve the user experience. We are still working on it.


Ara Lleida

Web Audit

Lleida’s Tourist Board needed to replace its website. It was key in this decision to know if the need was changing the current website or start a new one from zero. To answer this question we audited the current website, both from a technical point of view (SEO, database, etc.), and from the design and usability. The audit project included a strategic analysis of its webpage statistics and focused on the following aspects: Webpage quality control. Detect, analyze, and give instructions to correct website mistakes: pages with 404 errors, broken links, server errors, internal redirections and other quality aspects that we analyzed through Google Webmaster and local indexing Detecting lack of positioning, and creating a new SEO strategy. Detecting communication mistakes and studying if the website was communicating the proper messages to their target. Google Analytics was essential to do so. Detecting indexation mistakes from Google, and suggesting solutions for titles and descriptions on search results. Evaluating the webpage usability and the service offered to users. The result of the auditing project were 4 large documents in which we presented immediate solutions with a low investment, and we also introduced the new website specifications that needed to be developed.