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Study of the website using Heat Maps to do the redesign

In 2010 we conceptualized, designed and developed the websites of the Grupo Ortodoncis. The development was done using a multisite WordPress with more than 20 templates, plugins and customized developments. The project, which has been growing since then, is one of our success stories: positioning of all the websites (18 clinics) in the first Google Search positions by the most relevant keywords. In many clinics, the website is the first source of new patients. We also do the following and tracking of all the received contacts, mobile version, etc. The design needed an update, and this is why we studied the use of websites using heat maps. From this study comes a redesign proposal aimed to update the look and feel of the site and improve the user experience. We are still working on it.

Costa Brava Tourist Board

Costa Brava KPI

The Costa Brava Tourist Board was in need of a program that could let them optimize the generation of web Analytics and Social Network reports, and at the same time gain some autonomy on its constant update and interpretation. The main key points of the project were: To treat automatically all the data extracted periodically from the different available tools, updating its information and facilitating the access to all the historical data. To introduce the results of the analysis on a clear form using data summaries, own indicators and graphs, applicable for internal control and for the presentation of results to the public or client.


Web statistics report

Qualitative traffic study of the MNAC website The objective of the project was to establish the KPI analysis appropriate for the objectives of the MNAC, delivery of qualitative and quantitative traffic projects and training of the team of the MNAC on the interpretation of the Google Analytics dashboard data. On the reports we analyzed the statistics of the website visits on a global scale, but also on specific sections of the website that were of particular interest for the MNAC managers. All the gathered information was analyzed from a practical point of view. The gathering and analysis of the data was made from a marketing and communication point of view in order to be useful when defining the future online strategy. Some of the report conclusions were integrated on the new MNAC website, which was launched in 2014.


Web analytics and social media

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the MACBA and Radio web MACBA website statistics. We were also in charge of their social network profiles: Facebook and Twitter. The objective of the project was to analyze the statistics of the museum website, focusing all the attention on some specific sections and other websites of the museum. The results of the reports analysis had a quantitative and qualitative point of view, adapting the analysis and conclusions of the reports to the needs of the MACBA: answering to marketing questions, content strategy, Social Media strategy, knowledge of the on-line target and comparison with the off-line one; analytics comparison and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), etc. The presentation of reports was presented as an internal formation. Moreover, we created some templates so the MACBA website team could create some monthly summary reports and web and social network analytics. During the analysis, we studied: the types of received visits, the homepage, the sitemap, the most visited pages, the bounce rate, the social networks interactions and visits, the mobile visits (splitting tablets and mobile), the newsletter statistics, the radio and others.

Costa Brava Tourist Board

Web analytics applied to the Google Analytics API

The Costa Brava Tourist Board has different websites (the main one, the homepage, WebTV, the ones for the clubs, blogs, webcams, blogtrips' following, etc.) on different Google Analytics' accounts. The diversity of each website and the fact that some of them have an old Analytics code that is difficult to modify until the release of the new website, made us develop an application that works through the Google Analytics API data. The application analyses the traffic results from the 20 Google Analytics profiles that the Board has, detects visits that are originated in one of the webpages and continue their navigation on other Board's websites, restoring the added value (once the duplicates are erased) of visits and pages per visit. Also, it recalculates the pages per visit, the average time on site and the traffic sources. (private access).