Costa Brava Tourist Board

Selfie your City

Conceptualization, design and technical development from the mini-site, Selfie your City, an effort by the Patronage of Tourism of Costa Brava Girona in collaboration with regional councils to promote tourism and the municipalities of Girona that will be developing during the last 6 months of 2015. You can try out the site mashup that uses a custom development tool for content management, a public platform for mapping integrated with a Google Maps API and an Instagram API for embedding both public images and labels with the official competition hashtags into Instagram.


Sant Roc Hotel

Search Engine Optimization organic rankings

In 2010 the Sant Roc Hotel in Calella entrusted us with the development of its website. In 2015 we got back to our collaboration with the hotel in a project aimed to improve the website positioning. In LaMagnética we handle different tasks to achieve this goal, including: Technical quality control of the website Integration and posts on Google+ Improvement of the internal links and architecture of the website Linkbuilding

Costa Brava Tourist Board

New website conceptualization

The future Patronat’s web went out in competition this year and Lavinia is the winner. LaMagnetica function was the  initial project conceptualization: objectives, types of contents, technologic requirement, SEO requirements and indications, etc. The document of conceptualization was the starting point for the competition basis redaction. LaMagnetica collaborated in the technical evaluation process and in the proposal presented design.  

Costa del Sol Tourist Board

SEO positioning

Search engine optimization for the future website of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board Early in 2013 we won the contest to develop the positioning project for all the languages of the website. The new website has been on production and our work has been to give the initial specs to the technical team, answer their doubts and pay attention to the web versions that are being developed in order to be optimized for search engines. Moreover, we have written the titles and descriptions of the web pages, tracked the positioning for a sample of 800 different keywords on different markets and languages (Spanish, English, German and French), and advising on web analytics. We had 2 objectives with this project: not to lose seo positioning with the new website and to improve it on national and international search engines for more competitive keywords.

Costa Brava Tourist Board

Costa Brava Webcams

We were in charge of the site development which collects webcams from different points of the Costa Brava and the Pirineu de Girona area. The site was developed with Wordpress and we worked with the TV3 widgets provided in their website. The project was developed with the collaboration of Marc Sardin and Iuttu.