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Social Media Plan

The Catalan Agency of Tourism (ACT) announced a public tender to award the development of the Social Media Plan 2013-2015. We won the contest with a project the objective of which was to build a tool of strategic management, design and tracking of the social network promotional activities. On the plan we highlighted the analysis of the 2.0 strategy of the ACT and adapt it to the Tourist Marketing Plan 2013-2015. The big challenge of this project was to develop a working guide for the Agency and its 11 Centers of Tourist Promotion (CPTs) abroad. Some of them on countries where the main social networks are very different from the Western ones: China, Russia, South-East of Asia. We defined a global strategy with a local management: a central management hub, coordination and analysis represented by the Catalunya Experience Managers; with a local promoters (the CPTs), independents on the management of their pages (integrated on a Facebook Global Brand Page) and in the development of campaigns. On the Social Media Plan we included: Analysis and evaluation of the B2C online promotion actions between the years 2009-2013. Dashboards, variables of analysis depending on the objectives and targets (nationals, internationals, B2C, B2B). Analysis, evaluation and proposals of platforms and 2.0 channels. With specific solutions for Russia, China and the South-East of Asia.

Ara Lleida

Social Network Promotion

We started working for Diputació de Lleida's Tourist Board back in 2013. The first project that we developed for them was the audit of their social network promotion: promotion analysis, target analysis and qualitative analysis of the 2.0 channels promoted until that moment. The result of the analysis lead us to set up a social network project of promotion in which our role was to be their strategic social network manager. We chose the content, created the calendar and promoted their Facebook and Twitter accounts, detecting opportunities to launch ad campaigns in both social networks, pic contests on Instagram, and elaborating reports for the people of the Board with quantitative and qualitative analysis. We also did two different analysis reports: achieved results on different social networks, both quantitative and qualitative, including analysis of each type of publication that have a better reception within fans. Analysis of the distribution of publications by region and tourism product, to inform the industry.


Blog for the MNAC

Conceptualization, design, technical production and content direction of the blog to introduce the exhibition La Maleta Mexicana, organized by the MNAC together with the ICP (International Center of Photography) of New York. Alex Espinós collaborates as a blogger and content manager. We offered this project to the MNAC as an action of innovative communication to spread the exhibition. The objective of the blog is to promote the exhibition, at the same time as to build a collaborative cultural project. All the posts will be signed by photographers, history experts, journalists and other professionals, who will also promote the exhibition. When you use content to spread and communicate on a project –content marketing-, it has many advantages, as well as being part of the communication objectives: SEO positioning and web traffic. Brand impact. Permanence, long term profitability. The exhibition ended on January the 15th, but the blog remained accessible after that date. MNAC as a promoter of online high-quality contents of the photographers and their artwork. Collaborative production and knowledge creation. Moreover, the blog is a valuable asset of the exhibition and a way to communicate the objectives of the public museum: investigation and promotion of its artwork. We thank the valuable collaboration of Ernest Alòs (El Periódico), Teresa Ferré (UR

Costa Brava Tourist Board

Blog Costa Brava

Conceptualization, design and technical development of the blogs of the Girona Costa Brava Pirineu Tourist Board. The project has been active between 2010 and 2012, although you can still visit it on this link. For the content management they had a team of 15 prestigious collaborators of the tourist sector and media publishers from Girona. The editorial was made by Jaume Marín from the board and Eduard Batlle, journalist and coordinator of the El Punt blog section. We worked with a tailored template design on Wordpress that let them manage on a same admin 3 different blogs (in Catalan, Spanish and English), with different contents and collaborators for each language. In collaboration with Bruno Veloso and Iuttu.  

Sant Roc Hotel

Social Media Consultancy

We did a communication and social media presence consultancy for the Hotel Sant Roc, and gave support to their social networks manager. Facebook: Stylebook and communication line to develop their presence on Facebook. 2.0 communications’ consultancy. Facebook Sant Roc Hotel. Tripadvisor: Analysis to evaluate the strategy of the hotel’s presence on Tripadvisor. We also did the management of their professional profile. Flickr: we gave support on how to activate a Flickr profile with the objective of amplifying the presence of the Hotel out of their website and looking for the user’s interaction with the hotel guests. Contest management. Flickr Sant Roc Hotel.


Mashup web site to track blogtrips

This is a mashup for the monitorization of the ACT's (Catalan Agency of Tourism) blog trips. The microsite is a flexible mashup that updates itself according to the current blog: The mashup has been extended to include the Instagram Trip, the contest and, soon, the Catalan photography’s exhibition on Instagram.